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COVID Worker Resources

Contact Tracers provide valuable services during public health issues and emergencies.

This page is devoted to collecting and sharing resources that may be of assistance to Contact Tracers.

New England Journal of Medicine

COVID-19 Resource Center

State Plans for Vaccinating Their Populations for COVID-19


Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg College of Public Health

Contact Tracer Certificate Program   HERE


People Skills by Robert Bolton  HERE


Google Scholar Results

"Contact Tracer" Training  HERE

"Contact Tracer" Issues  HERE

"Contact Tracer" Stress  HERE


Motivational Interviewing

Psychology Today Article  HERE

Enhancing Motivation for Change  HERE

The Four Processes of Motivational Interviewing (PsychCentral) HERE

17 Motivational Interviewing Skills & Questions (Positive Psychology) HERE



Facts & Stats  HERE

2018 USA Stats  HERE  PDF

Mental Health & COVID-19  HERE   HERE

When Someone is at Risk of Suicide  HERE

Understanding Risk & Protective Factors  HERE   PDF

Strategic Planning  HERE  PDF

Question Persuade Refer  HERE


Psychological First Aid (PFA)

Johns Hopkins University PFA FREE Certificate Course  HERE

American Red Cross: PFA: Supporting Yourself & Others During COVID-19  HERE

PFA & Skills for Psychological Recovery  HERE

More to Come!

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