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COVID-19 Pandemic Support Groups

Public Information Officers:  Thursday Evenings at 9 PM Eastern time

Chaplains: Tuesday Evenings at 9 PM Eastern time

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Military Families Share How They Cope WithCOVID-19

Video HERE


American Psychological Association Videos

Coping with COVID-19

Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

APA Psychologist Answer Questions About Coping with COVID-19 and Related Issues  

 More to Come . . .

Combat Breathing

A breathing based relaxation experience designed for Special Forces

Intended Audience: Anyone

7 minutes

Listen HERE

My Most Wonderful Vacation Spot

A visual imagery experience designed to give you a relaxing mental vacation

Intended Audience: Anyone

6 minutes

Listen HERE

COVID19 Psych Coverage:

Stuff To Do . . . 

A quick presentation of stuff to do while maintaining physical/social distancing

Intended Audience: General Public

. . . while at home

. . . online

COVID19 Psych Coverage:

International Critical Incident Stress Management

Intended Audience: Anyone & CISM Trained

Topics of Various Videos:

Modifying CISM During COVID19

Victor Welzant, Psy.D.

CISM Continuum of Care

George Everly, Ph.D.

Psychological Crisis Intervention

in the Age of Pandemics and Disaster

Victor Welzant, Psy.D. & George Everly, Ph.D.

Caregiver Stigma Reduction

George Everly, Ph.D.

Crisis Management Briefing During COVID19

George Everly, Ph.D.

COVID19 Psych Coverage:

Psychological First Aid & COVID19

Intended Audience: Anyone

Coming Soon!

Public Information Officer related videos are located under the PIO Tab under Resources

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