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Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest, protesting, rioting, these terms are many times used interchangeably. This page provides resources to assist in the understanding of these behaviors from a psychological perspective.

If you find helpful information concerning any of these topics, please contact us for possible inclusion on this page.


by Merriam-Webster

Unrest: a disturbed or uneasy state, turmoil; a situation in which many people in a country are angry and hold protests or act violently

Protest: a solemn declaration of opinion usually of dissent; the act of objecting or a gesture of disapproval; a complaint, objection, or display of unwillingness usually to an idea or a course of action, 

Riot: a violent public disorder; a tumultuous disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons assembled together and acting with a common intent

Civil Disobedience: refusal to obey governmental demands or commands especially as a nonviolent and usually collective means of forcing concessions from the government 

Articles of Interest


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Civil Unrest Resources

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More to Come!

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